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Build a stronger connection with Google and start ranking higher in Google search results!

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Want to get your business in front of more people on Google?

Getting properly set up with Google’s free SEO tools helps you establish trust and credibility with the search engine, earning you more organic visibility in search results.

When Google’s SEO tools are set up correctly, they send the right trust signals to Google, increase your findability online, and get your business in front of more people that are searching for your offerings!

Google has 3 free SEO tools I recommend all businesses take advantage of to improve Google visibility

  • Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business)
  • Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools)
  • Google Analytics

Get your business visible on Google, quickly!

Compared to other organic (unpaid) Google SEO strategies, setting up these SEO tools is a foundational piece to the visibility puzzle that can build trust and credibility much faster than other SEO tactics. And without these foundational pieces in place, it can be a lot harder for other SEO efforts to be successful.

Within 3 months of working together, one client’s Google Business Profile grew from ZER0 to:

Views on Google Search

Views on Google Maps

Search terms that showed Google business profile
Note: Results will vary as there are a variety of factors at play.

Partner with an SEO expert to make sure your business is sending the right credibility signals to Google!

This is where I come in – I can help you get these tools set up and SEO optimized so you’re confident that Google sees your business as trustworthy and wants to show your business in more search results. 👩‍💻🔎📈

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